Devon Trent in his armor.

Devon Trent is a well-rounded Spartan from the UNSC. He was originally going to be an ODST, but his Service Record was extremely above that of an ODST. Therefore, he became a Spartan and now serves for the United Nations Space Command. His Service Tag is D316.


Devon Trent entered a planet named Requiem after being scouted by Forerunners after going through the proper UNSC Training. He then was going to be labled to the team of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. But, at the last second, The Librarian halted the order and labled D316 as a Spartan. Now, he is well known for stopping a Promethean Knight raid on Requiem with a team of other Spartans and Marines.


Rapid Fire Weapons

Hand to Hand Combat


Signature WeaponsEdit

MA5D Individual Combat Weapon System - Assault Rifle

BR85HB SR Battle Rifle - Battle Rifle

M6H Personal Defense Weapon System - Magnum

M739 Light Machine Gun - SAW

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