'Lok' Redoz or Lok' Re or simply Lok' is an Elite/Sangheili Field Marshall in the Storm Covenant.

Lok' Redoz
Lok Re 2
Some attributes
First Rank: Field Marshall
Second Skill: 2,697
Third Weapons: Energy Sword, Fuel Rod Gun, Storm Rifle
Other attributes
Fourth Race: Sangheili
Fifth Previous Rank: Zealot


As a child, Lok went through many dramatic events. When he was sent into the army, he fought Humanity bravely in Reach. When he was sent off into space to find new Worlds, he came across Requiem. He met other soon-to-be Storm Grunts, Jackals, Hunters, and Elites. He spent most of his life on Requiem, and he finally proved himself to be The Arbiter. As the Arbiter, he went on many challenging missions, but went through all. He is now proudly leading the Storm Covenant.


Over the years, Lok earned a skill of 2,697. This making him the highest skilled Elite in the Storm. 
Lok Re

Lok' Re


Lok uses weapons, which include such as: Energy Sword (Main Weapon), Storm Rifle (First side arm), and the Fuel Rod Gun (Second side arm).


Old Lok Re

Lok' Re when fighting on Reach

Old Lok Re2

Lok' Re (Reach Era)

Old Lok Re3

Lok' Re on a mission on Reach

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